23 March, 2012

Celebrando Latinas 2012 – Agenda

21 May, 2012

Nadia Arámbula’s testimonial – Celebrando Latinas 2012

She invited 30 women to the conference and all of them were happy that the y attended!
21 May, 2012

Empower yourself! Be inspired!

El Latino takes to the community an exception event of health, education and beauty, to those Latinas that are ready to be empowered and inspired. Celebrando is more than just a simple gathering, it is a great learning experience, through educational workshops about beauty and physical, mental and emotional health, as well as a health pavilion where hospitals and local […]
20 July, 2012

Celebrando Latinas 2012 recap

Over 900 ladies were part of Celebrando Latinas’ second edition. Watch the video for more details on what happened during the event.
20 July, 2012

Photogallery Celebrando Latinas 2012

21 July, 2012

An event that’s here to stay

Having California one of the biggest Latino population in the United States, Latinas came from around and over the border to spend a day in Celebrando 2012, the largest Latina conference in Spanish, with a focus in health, beauty and business. With a program from 8am to 4pm, the conference took place Saturday, June 2 at the Sheraton Hotel and […]