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5 September, 2017
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20 January, 2020

Record attendance, over one thousand women attended Celebrando Latinas, in it’s seventh edition

photo credit Davd Zumaya

SAN DIEGO.- With a record attendance of over one thousand people and under the auspice of El Latino, the seventh edition of Celebrando Latinas took place in San Diego, the largest Latina conference in Spanish nationwide.

The founder of the project and President/CEO of the most important hispanic printed media in San Diego county, El Latino newspaper, Fanny Miller, highlighted the importance of the role that women play both at home as well as in the business world and community activities.

Mrs. Miller explained that sometimes women are very hard on themselves and minimize their personal and profesional success, when in reality is that throughout the years they have excelled in all life aspects.

Take the most important decisions in the family

It is the women, she elaborated, who takes the most important decisions, especially at home, regarding health, education and food in the family. In this way, she expressed “it is important that we are valued, but it is more important that we value ourselves”.

The event came to life at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront and the program included main conferences, educational workshops on themes such as business, health, beauty, education, personal motivation, legal matters and others related to women’s wellbeing.

Celebrando Latinas offered over a dozen of health screenings, Extraordinary Women were awarded and overall, it was sought to inspire them to lead a life full of physical, emotional, mental and financial health. With this purpose, a group of Latina experts offered advise and practices to all the attendees.

Alicia Machado highlighted the importance of preparation

To the seventh edition of the conference attended local and national personalities that, also, offered talks about their experience and knowledge of the issues that concern Latinas’ daily life.

The guest of honor of the seventh edition of Celebrando Latinas was the ex Miss Universe, actress and model Alicia Machado, who during her conference highlighted the importance of women having self love, prepares each day to be better, has decision, strength and faith to carry out their projects.

The musical part was in charge the Mexican singer/songwriter, Lupillo Rivera, who showed all his affection to Latinas and set the environment from early in the day.

Women of success

In the same way the journalist Neida Sandoval, the founder of Celebrando Latinas, Fanny Miller, Judge of the Superior Court of San Diego county, Rachel Cano and Toyota representative Maria Roza Collazo, participated in an interesting panel in which they narrated their life experiences and what they have done to be women of success.

Added to this, there were workshops imparted by TV host from Tijuana, Bibi Uribe, who presented the topic How to lose the fear of speaking in public?, Roxana Braganza, from Thrivent Financial who talked about Financial Strategies for Women, Brenda Sillas from Kaiser Permanente spoke about Nutrition Beyond the Plate, and the psychologist and trainer from “Más Mujeres de Podre” imparted the workshop The Power of your Image.

Maria Antonio, loyal attendee from past years, declared in an interview for El Latino that this day helps reduce stress, spend time with friends, see new things and get up to date in topics such as health and business.

Motivation and self-esteem improvement in women

On her behalf, Claudia Tapia, first time attendee, said she felt really motivated by the words shared by Fanny Miller that reminded her the circumstances that moved her to start Celebrando Latinas.

Mrs. Silvia Figueroa indicated that the tips offered in the conferences help improve self-esteem, specially in difficult times. “It is hard sometimes to move forward when there is nobody there for you, this is why, we have to value ourselves and help each other all of us as women”, she added.

Also there was the President of the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Juan Carlos Hernandez, who underlined the importance of helping women entrepreneur.

The first edition of Celebrando Latinas that took place in 2011 with 500 attendees and, since the, this event has been contributing each time in a bigger way to promote women’s integral development.

Michelle Salazar